A Small family farm

My Land Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, cold pressed, raw, unfiltered, single estate, origin and variety: Manaki!

My Land Greek Mountain Tea straight from the slopes of Mount Olympus.

My Land organic herbs: oregano, thyme, Sage and Rosemary fresh from Mount Olympus.

A great variety of unique Greek Honeys such as thyme, pine, forest honey.

A Small family farm

Welcome to My Land

Where taste meets the myth in a holistic way of living.

You will be treated holistically; not in the same way Asclepius used to treat guests in Epidaurus Ancient Theater, but we will introduce you My Land products with the hope this holistic approach/place/diet to become ...your Land!

Get 10% off your first purchase: Greek asfaka and tumeric honey

MY LAND Greek Honey - Better than Manuka - Superfood

From Small family farms

Greek Pure Honey with Organoleptic Characteristics: Bees naturally impart the aromatic floral, herb and medicinal properties from Greece's rich biodiversity of forests, mountains, alpines, meadows and wild ecosystems.

Heading over there?

Travel back to the ancient Greek world of Epidaurus, and hear the whisper of “Asclepius” the God of Healing as it echoes though the amazing ancient Amphitheater uttering holistic dietary choices that fulfill the six senses!

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