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My Land Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, cold pressed, raw, unfiltered, single estate, origin and variety: Manaki!

My Land Greek Mountain Loose Leaf, Teabags and Keurig compatible Tea straight from the slopes of Mount Olympus.

My Land organic herbs: oregano, thyme, Sage and Rosemary fresh from Mount Olympus.

A great variety of unique Greek Honeys such as thyme, pine, forest honey.

100% pure, indiluted oil of oregano from Mt Olympus.

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Origin / Farm / Transparency

One hundred per cent of My Land products are originating and imported from Greece.

We produce, bottle and bring olive oil from My Land to your table. My Land is a small family business but we are in control of all the above stages.

Yes, it is a 100% Single Farm. We are building a traceability system to provide all this info and more! Each batch has a separate tank number, LOT number, production date and laboratory analysis that we can happily provide.

Is it fresh?

Manaki olive oil is late harvest November to February each Year. Please note that shipping from Greece to US can take up to 2 months.

We do not use pesticides in olive cultivation. Furthermore, we do not use preservatives or solvents in the process. The olive fruit and leaves are free from residues and the oil is bottled unfiltered.

My Land Olive Oil has a rich taste with aromas of ripe fruit, green grass, and flowers combined with notes of butter, sweetness and light pungency. When you sip it at first you taste the slight buttery taste, definitely an olive oil flavor with a slight peppery note.

Nothing is added or removed in the olive oil and we do not mix the olive oil with other types oils and/or batches.