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Original and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in glass bottle & TINs

Organic dried oregano, thyme, rosemary.

Organic Herbal Teas in teabags, Keurig compatible pods and loose leaf.

A unique variety of raw Greek honey from remote biodiverse areas of Greece.

100% pure / undiluted organic oil of oregano.

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About Us

Inspired by our love for nature, food and the human-centered values of the Greek Mythology

Christina grew up in a food-centered environment, Maria’s Tavern, a place of excellent healthy food but also of socializing in old good Athens. George in a small family farm in Epidaurus where olive oil was the epicenter in a simple countryside life.

The Greek Mythology did not only depict the gods and heroes
but gave people practical lessons on the best way to live life. The universe (cosmos) is regarded as an orderly, harmonious whole, the body the spirit and the soul (psyche) of every human being as an integral part of it, and food as medicine.

My Land Brand, a simple Greek table next to the sea with a small olive three

**"Ef-Zin": Simple life with holistic foods.

As many other families, living in intense environments with an active lifestyle, takes us away from nature and simple things in life and usualy we are striving to gain balance. In search for balance and harmony between physical, emotional and mental wellbeing (ef-zin) holistic nutrition might partly be the answer.

It's all about eating healthy* unrefined, unprocessed, organic and locally grown whole foods to its natural state as possible.

There are several options on the table. At My Land we guarantee and offer unique, clean, unprocessed, organic products without unnecessary ingredients that will help towards your's and your family's needs.

Christina and George

In 2012 we founded Insightful Traders Inc with the aim of introducing products that help people perform better, think faster, and live prosperous.

Christina, a writer, and unorthodox cook, inspired by her mother Maria, brings into life all the memories and traditional recipes that she grew up with at "Maria's Tavern" a culinary reference for more than 40 Years in Greece.

George, is a food economist (PhD in International Business, University of Reading, UK) with a farming background.

Since then we work to bring you a series of sustainable, ethically sourced, direct trade products straight from the Greek nature.

My Land Brand founders Christina and George
My Land Brand, Kristine and Alex

Kristine and Alex

Our Twins, Kristine and Alexander and our associates we work together in order to present you with a selection of delicious Greek products. Stay with us in this Journey!

**Ef-zin (εὖ ζῆν) meaning Well-being

εὖ ζῆν from ancient times means well-being or a life in prosperity. But ef-zin goes beyond materialistic prosperity to express internal peace and a healthy state of body, mind and soul. The holistic treatment of Asclepius, the God of healing, in Epidaurus is based on this approach and in this context holistic food is very important in the search for harmony and wellbeing.