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Original and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in glass bottle & TINs

Organic dried oregano, thyme, rosemary.

Organic Herbal Teas in teabags, Keurig compatible pods and loose leaf.

A unique variety of raw Greek honey from remote biodiverse areas of Greece.

100% pure / undiluted organic oil of oregano.

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Holistic foods straight from the Greek nature

In 2012 we founded Insightful Traders Inc / My Land (Brand), introducing products we love that help people enjoy and get the nutritious in order to perform better and reach their ef-zin.

My Land Brand is looking to make an impact through a series of sustainable, ethically sourced, direct trade products straight from the Greek nature.

We produce in our small family farm and/or work with other family farms and women-owned business to bring you organic manaki variety ancient variety olive oil from Epidaurus, organic herbs and teas hand-picked 1000 meters above sea levels from Mt Olympus, and unique raw honeys picked from women in diverse and remote areas in Greece and more...

My Land Brand inspiration

Inspired by Holistic values...

The place: Epidaurus, Greece. Our olive trees truly coexist with the renowned monument, the Epidaurus Theater, and Asclepius Temple.

Inspiration: holistic foods for nutrition, healing and "ef-zin". Travel back to the ancient Greek world of Epidaurus, and hear the whisper of “Asclepius” the God of Healing as it echoes though the amazing ancient Amphitheater uttering holistic dietary choices that fulfill the six senses!

...and family farm tradition...

The Land: Our family cultivates the Manaki olive trees for generations using traditional sustainable farming (no pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs). Every Year we produce a pure, fresh olive oil, that we bottle unfiltered, unprocessed and store in a cool dry place.

My Land olive oil tastes like a butter, it has low acidity, great organoleptic characteristics and is a main ingredient in our kitchen.

We enjoy each bottle as we believe that contributes to our health and wellbeing and honor this land that gave us this benefit.

Epidaurus olive fields panoramic view of olive trees

...we created a Brand that you can trust and love! That can help you in your search for ef-zin.

In 2012 we founded Insightful Traders Inc, introducing products we love such as our olive oil that help people enjoy delicious meals and get the nutritious in order to perform better, think faster, and reach their 'ef-zin".

This unique olive oil from an ancient variety found only in the greater Epidaurus area soon received lots of funs and that encouraged us to bring more products to our friends / customers.

The journey for holistic foods and the myth continues...this time at Mt Olympus...

In 2020 we worked with other familiy farms that produce exceptional organic products at 1000 meters above sea levels at the slopes of Mt Olympus. This is the ultimum organic sustainable farming where the taste and benefists of a series of herbs such as organic oregano, thyme, sage and rosemary and the "nectar of gods" the Greek mountain tea literally meets the myth! Our last successful product is the oil of oregano that comes as medicine from Mt Olympus pure and undiluted to help you strengthen your immune system.

Biodiversity and raw honey from Greece's remote areas...

In 2021 we worked with small familiy and women-owned farms to bring a rare variety of raw honey from remote areas in Greece. Greece is at the cross-section of Europe, Asia and Africa and therefore has a great diversity in its landscape. The higher the diversity the richer the nutrient profile of honey and the benefits as a superfood. Visit our honey collection mix and match from 11 different varieties. The journey continues...