My Land Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, cold pressed, raw, unfiltered, single estate, origin and variety: Manaki!

My Land Greek Mountain Loose Leaf, Teabags and Keurig compatible Tea straight from the slopes of Mount Olympus.

My Land organic herbs: oregano, thyme, Sage and Rosemary fresh from Mount Olympus.

A great variety of unique Greek Honeys such as thyme, pine, forest honey.

100% pure, indiluted oil of oregano from Mt Olympus.

My Land Organic Greek Oregano in a Resealable Bag (50g - 1.76oz)

  • STRAIGHT FROM THE SLOPES OF Mt OLYMPUS: My Land organic oregano is grown under optimum conditions on the rocky slopes of Mount Olympus to bring you a true taste of Greece with an earthy-sweet aroma. The distinctive weather cycles and soil profile allow us to grow a range of herbs that are packed full of flavor and fragrance. So choose tried and tested traditional methods over mass farming to bring exquisite oregano to your door.

  • WITHOUT ADDITIVES: We gently hand-pick our herbs to avoid any damage caused by large machinery so you can enjoy whole leaves packed full of flavor. Once picked the oregano is slow-dried using traditional methods free from chemical sprays or additives that mass farms often use to speed up the process. By employing these methods we are able to produce oregano that’s bright in color and bursting with fragrance.

    HANDPICKED IN SMALL BATCHES AND PACKED FRESH FOR YOU: Our bunches are crafted in small batches to provide you with a consistent flavor. By keeping our sourcing on a smaller scale we are able to ensure stringent quality control through all of our products. Our oregano is then cut into very small pieces free from any stems or strings for your cooking pleasure. In order to ensure the herbs remain fresh - we package with convenient resealable bags.

    A TASTE OF THE MEDITERRANEAN: Oregano is a key element in Greek cuisine with a powerful flavor and fragrance. It is used in traditional dishes across Europe but is especially delectable when combined with olive oil or a tomato base. Add a little to your marinades and vignettes or sprinkle a dash onto any meat to experience the aroma of its flavorful essential oils. This lovely herb pairs perfectly with garlic and basil or a pinch of thyme.


Customer Reviews

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This dried oregano is very fragrant and fresh. It appears to be just the leaf part without stems, pre-cut into small flakes and ready for use. I use it as a dip with olive oil and it tastes great. Bold flavor and aroma. It is also great for marinading as well as cooking with other spices.


It is fresh and green and flavorful when used.


I was happy to notice that I could not smell the oregano at all until I opened the packaging, meaning it was sealed tight and probably going to be fresh. When I opened the package, the strong scent of oregano hit me and it smells nice. Compared to bottled oregano, this one is much stronger and I have been using much less when I put it on pizzas and other foods. A tiny amount goes a long way.

The bag does reseal but I ended up putting it in an airtight container and it's been locking in the freshness pretty good for the past week. This is a high quality dried oregano and tastes great, much better than typical store bought dried oregano. No complaints, although make sure the package is sealed properly because it will lose that fresh taste over time once you open the package.


It is fresh and green and flavorful when used.

But when I opened the Amazon bubble mailer I could smell the oregano. It smelled great but what concerned me was that I could smell it....that meant that the package was not air tight and that the aroma was dissipating into the bubble mailer. That's not a good sign. I'm a big cook and order all sorts of herbs and spices online, most come in completely air tight packages and you can't smell the ingredients till you open it. I am concerned that this packaging will make the oregano dry out and lose it's flavor very quickly. So I put it in another air tight container right away.

At the time of my writing this, it's over $11 and I think that's absurd.

So while it is currently fresh, I have doubts about it staying that way if kept in the original packaging and way too expensive to justify having to find another package for it.


This is a well-flavored, fresh-tasting oregano. It appears to be almost exclusively leaves, which is what you want rather than stems or woody bits, and quite finely chopped. So far I’ve used it in spaghetti sauce, added it to pizza toppings, and used it as part of the herbs in a dipping oil, and it’s added very nice, very noticeable flavor to all of them. Although 50 grams may not sound like much, it’s actually quite a bit when the leaves are all dried, so the big challenge will be using it up before it begins to stale. It’s packaged in a resealable, foil-lined pouch, so that should help.

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