My Land Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil, cold pressed, raw, unfiltered, single estate, origin and variety: Manaki!

My Land Greek Mountain Loose Leaf, Teabags and Keurig compatible Tea straight from the slopes of Mount Olympus.

My Land organic herbs: oregano, thyme, Sage and Rosemary fresh from Mount Olympus.

A great variety of unique Greek Honeys such as thyme, pine, forest honey.

100% pure, indiluted oil of oregano from Mt Olympus.

My Land forest Greek honey

A+ NUTRIENT PROFILE - BETTER THAN MANUKA HONEY: Honey Bees with better nutrient access make more nutritious honey, so it just makes sense that My Land Greek Honey contains higher polyphenols, antioxidants, phenolic acid, and nutrient-dense plant properties than any other raw honey, Manuka honey, imported honey or natural honey.

RICHER FLAVOR - ONE TASTE & YOU’RE HOOKED! Because bees naturally impart the aromatic floral, herbal and medicinal properties from Greece’s rich biodiversity of forests, mountains, alpines and meadows into its honeycomb, our pure honey doesn’t just promote more nutrients, its taste is beyond compare.

18% OF WORLD NUTRIENTS - WE MOVE OUR BEE’S outside their traditional radius; so you experience the properties of 18% of the world's plants, including 430 biotypes that bees naturally impart into every delicious drop of this real honey.

100% REAL, NO GMO’S - TRACEABLE BEES & HONEY: Welcome to Greece, where GMO’s are banned, pesticides aren’t killing off bees, and 90% of bees feast on natural ecosystems to create the good honey that retains its fullest nutrient potency.

HELP DEFEAT EXTINCTION - Thank you so much! To our small family farms, beekeeping isn’t a business; it’s a mission to end the bee's battles to beat extinction. So you’re guaranteed more than satisfaction in flavor, freshness, and peak performance. You’re guaranteed the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping these harmless world helpers thrive.

Customer Reviews

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I use it purely for a little kiss of sweetness with my Greek yogurt. Perfection.


Best honey ever. Could seriously eat the whole jar with a spoon.

Khalid M.

This is my favorite honey. Somebody introduced me Attiki Honey about 5 year ago and since then this is the honey I use.

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